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Golf Club Fitting

Custom fitting your golf clubs is critical for taking your golf game to the next level. Many golfers learn with standard club length and lie only to develop poor swing habits around a poorly fit club fit to their body type. At Apex, we help you fit your clubs to your natural swing path and develop new habits to swing like the pros. 

We have years of experience shedding strokes of our Salt Lake City customers in short order. After a new club fitting and a few lessons after we do a swing analysis at our facility in Draper, UT you can expect skill improvements across the board. 

If you don't already have clubs and are looking to purchase, we can fit and order your new clubs as we are a distributor for most major brands.


Iron Fitting

One of the most important clubs to get fit are irons. The key to performing well on the course is irons and putters. With most shots on the course being with irons, it's important to get a great fitting club.


Putter Fitting

Putting is all about the precise details on your hit. Many golfers would be surprised by how a modification to the lie on your putter can improve your ability to hit with accuracy. 


Driver Fitting

The Majority of golfers all use the same driver lengths and standard shafts that come with the driver. However, most do not realize there is an optimal shaft length for different heights and swing patterns. Come check out your fit!


Wedge Fitting

Wedges like irons get a lot of use on the course and often don't get the fitting attention as the irons. However, if you are fitting your irons for an improved swing, you should consider doing the same with wedges to help develop those good habits. 

What Our Clients Say

Golf Clubs

Craig F on Yelp

"...Their facility is state of the art and they have you wearing a few different items that completely track your swing and body movements. The thing I appreciated was the simple and effective teaching points that Kyler provided me. I was able to see immediate improvement on my ball striking and ball flight..."

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