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Best Golf Lessons and Club Fitting in Draper, UT

Golf is a funny game. One moment, you hit a beautiful shot and feel as if you’re ready to take on Tiger and Phil, and the next—well, let’s just say you’ve got the next hole to look forward to.

It’s a game filled with ups-and downs. You can’t expect to hit great shots all the time, but you can certainly find ways to hit them more frequently.

To make progress, there’s two main things to focus on: your swing and your equipment.

The best approach here is to seek the advice of a professional. For your swing, taking lessons from an experienced golf instructor can work wonders. And for your equipment, you’ll be able to get the best out of your clubs by undergoing a thorough club fitting session.

These are two of the most proven methods you can use to revitalize your game. As such, it’s important you understand the process behind each and to know what to look for before scheduling your first appointment.

A Golfer’s Toolbox: Lessons and Club Fitting

If you’re looking to make the greatest amount of progress in the shortest amount of time, you’ve got to start with the right game plan.

Done together, signing up for lessons and a club fitting is a fantastic way to ensure that you address your game from all angles.

What happens during a golf lesson?

In a standard golf lesson, your instructor will meet with you to determine your short- and long-term golf goals. Based on that information, and your current level of playing experience, they will then evaluate your swing to see which areas can be most improved upon.

These coaches have gone through an extensive golf education to become certified—they must pass several tests related to their own player ability, their knowledge of equipment and club design, and their familiarity with swing mechanics and course management.

Taking a golf lesson therefore gives you direct access to the underlying reasons behind your swing faults. An experienced and wise instructor will know exactly how to advise you so you can get to playing your best golf.

How can I find the best golf lessons for me?

The first thing you’ll want to do before you schedule a golf lesson is to take a personal inventory of your game. Make a true assessment of your goals and current skill level, and then search for instructors that you feel meets those needs.

Once you are clear on that plan, then you can start your search by visiting your local club courses. The pro shop attendants can provide you with contact cards or even a pamphlet of their current coaches, accompanied by their rates, bios and certifications.

Another thing you can look to do is to sign up for a golf class or local clinic. Here you can learn amongst other like-minded golfers under the direction of a trained golf coach. If you’re a beginner, it’s a great way to meet people all the while learning about important golf techniques and fundamentals.

What happens during a club fitting session?

We all have different body types, strengths, and swing characteristics, so the clubs you buy aren’t necessarily the clubs that are best suited to you.

When you see a professional fitter, they’ll assess your swing with the help of a golf swing simulator. Based on your ball flight data and other swing dynamics, they’ll identify the best ways to modify your clubs for greater accuracy.

Getting your clubs fitted ensures that your clubs perform to their utmost level of precision and control. And in addition, you’ll get an expert’s advice regarding the finer details of your swing mechanics.

How do you choose the right club fitting location?

Your main concern here is to find a place that is guaranteed to get you results. The best club fitting experience will combine superior technology along with highly experienced fitters to produce an optimal set of clubs for your game.

Over the past decade or so, there’s been an explosion of new and improved golf simulator technology. Some have more advantages than others, so just be sure to find a fitting location that offers an accurate swing analysis system. It's a good idea to see what the pros are using, and to look at the ones that have become the standard within the overall golf community.

When it comes to your fitter, it’s wise to choose one that has a verified level of expertise and education. You’ll feel much more confident going in if your fitter has years of experience under their belt and a proven track record in helping their clients.

Apex Golf Instruction

Here at Apex Golf Instruction, we’ve got everything you need to help take your game to new heights.

Located in Draper, UT, our team of expert golf instructors can provide you with a highly detailed swing analysis and club fitting session, all under one roof.

We’re dedicated to helping each and every person we see with equal care and attention to detail. When you come in for one of our lessons or club fittings, you can expect to be listened to with great intent, and to feel empowered as we guide you towards playing your best golf.

As for the technology we use, we’ve got the best in the business. The Full Swing Golf system gives us a real-time, crystal-clear picture of your golf swing. Used by pros such as Tiger Woods, Jason Day and Justin Rose, Full swing produces the most accurate measurement of your swing and ball flight, that of which we use to inform our club fittings.

If you’ve been searching for an affordable place in Salt Lake City or nearby to drastically help you improve your game, then look no further. Our team of seasoned, experienced, and award-winning instructors have got you covered.

Interested in scheduling with us? Visit our Booking Page for more information.

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